Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First Biscournu

Ok this is my first ever Biscournu.I did scarlett by carrie threads and dmc pink on one side and the other love always by carries threasds and dmc pink on the other .I choose to add beeds to my edge thought it was pretty they are pearl eith a tiny hit of gold .I am really happy with the way it came out ,thought it would be harder ,,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleeping in his crib!!!!

Yes ,i finally did it ,well it wa shard at first he did cry for a bit ,but then i decided to go in i bought in a chair and sat beside him and rubbed his back until he fell asleep.

This will be better for him ,you see he has always been with me and my husband ,he has ben cosleeping ,he had very bad acid reflux and were always afraid he was gonna choke so we kept him close ,but now i decided it was time .

The dr told us not to rush him to quick so we decided to start with nap time ,so if i do this every day and once he gets use to it i thought then we could start with nites .

I miss have alone time with hubby and wellas you know cannot get much alone time with a little one with you ,LOL,, but I know That hubby loves Trent very much and that we enoyed having him close ,but i told him he needs his own space now we are not gonna rush it and if he wakes in the middle of the nite he can still come and be with us ,we have to at least try so he knows that .This is his bed but that mommy and daddy still want and love him .. I took a pic of him ,he is so beaituiful i know you cannot see his face i did not want to go in ,i did not want to wake him ..,mary

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quaker Christmas

I am done with page 2 now .so that leaves me 1 full page and 1/4 pages to go .I really luv it ,The green is so pretty .

Sundays ,god i wish there were none .It is the only day that drives me crazy .I could be bored out of my mind every day but this one .it seems like there is nothin .I am tryin to get some done on My MawMaws Quilt ,I got in my missin color friday so now I can go back and fillin what i could not do ,but allin all it is coming only so nicely.

After doin a whole page on ALLa Turca yesterday and then finding out i messed up ,i have decide to just not do it ,I was so frustrated after spending all day workin on it then to find that i messed up by 1 stitch in the beginning so that would mean i would have to pull out the whole part i did ,so i stuck it back in its bags and threw it in my closet ,YEAH!!! i was that madf ,,LOL,

I did a little on my Monopoly game board ,i have only i side left and then my backstitching ,and the middle then that one will be done .I am telling you all when i finally get all my wips done .I know we all say this but i am gonna try like heck not to start any more till one is done ,even thou that could really take some hurting,.

Well my sweey boy is naping right now and i,m haivn my coffee ,who ever thought that a person so little could make such a bright spot in you rlife . Trent is my special gift ,and I thank god every day for giving him to me . He is such a good baby .For me that is unusually my other 2 were always cranky ,LOL,. well i am gonna post a pic of my quaker christams progress and a pic of My Boo...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updated on several items today!!!

Well i have news My sewing Club was featured a showcase at our local Library and we got to dispaly our work .I thought it was so great ,I am kinda proud.

I also got my installment of Sea to Shining Sea done ,one more and she is done

I was also able to work on my Maw Maws quilt this week,i just ;luv how the Carrie threads are workin out

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Blackbird Blog!!

I just joined a Blackbird Blog today .This blog is great ,this is a place where youc an share what you are workin on and see all the great pieces from blackbird designs ,Don't know about you guys but I luiv my Blackbird,here is the link to the blog Join us and let share.

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