Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finished ,,Finally!!!

Well i finally finished 2 projects. I had started A piece by Prairie Moon,called All Around the May Pole.and i ran out of thread for it and finally was able to finish it .

Then was able to get down both piece of the bent creek snappets series. and well i think it came out nice.

Tomorrow i'm goin to my LNS and getting the new Littlehouse From Sea to Shinning
Sea . I cannot wait to get started.. well talk soon,Mary

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Birthday Stash!!!

Well i thought i would finally share with you ,what i was goiven for my birthday .My hubby was really great to me he got me a beautiful silver bracelet . He also went to our LNS and got me a few things . Well i got Boys and Bougs from country cottage and the newest from Blackbird loose feathers,and he also got me a gorgous design ,it is called quaker christmad he got me the fabric and threads for it and my god i just luv it.

I guess turning 38 was not as bad as i thought it would be ,spent uyesterday with my oldest son ,it was his birthday yesterday and he turned 22.I feel so old. My grandson Damian is now up tp 9 1/2 pds now . So he is getting so big . well talk soonn,oh and yes i also was able top start on the bent creek series that i have and i got almost page 1 done just finishing up the border tehn will get to page 2 and then willhave to wait for the next piece to come out ,, talk soon ,Mary

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well it is official Thursday was my actual Birthday . But my husband and all his friends too me out to the club last nite to go dancing ,
and i'm telling you i had a blast ,but i will also say i cannot handle my liquor.Two drinks hit me real fast ,,lol,, know better next time.

But we all had a great time and it was so nice to egt out .My parents baby sat forme and he slept at there house so we had the whole nite off.. Will post pic of my birthday stash tomorrow and the gift my hubby gave me . But i,m gonna post some pics from last nite ,mary

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Little Of A Change

Well this weekend was suppose to be spent working on my Monopoly Game Board .But well i found this really cute sweater pattern to knit and i had to start it for the baby .

I did do a little of monopoly but did not get to take a pic ,i did also work on Beneath The Sunlit Sky by Blackbird,and i,m almost done but ran out of 2 colors so i cannot finish till i get to the store.

Well it is official ,as of Thursday I will be 38 ,Yes it is my Birthday and on the 23rd my son will be 22,

I am telling you it seems like yesterday that i was only 16 and life seem to just drag on ,now Look.

But no matter what has happened in my life i do not regret having any of my beautiful kids ,they r my everything .

My oldest Michael,and then my daughter Catherine ,and as you all Know my Trent who is now 9 months old. He has 3 teeth now and is growing to quick ,before long it will be like it was all a dream and he will be grown ,,

Well hopefully i will get a day or 2 this week and work on monopoly to make up for this weekend and then i will post a pic ,Mary

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Boink Progress..

Well i finally got to the latest installment on the ink circles pattern. I was surpose to get to workin on my Monopoly Game board,but due to my mother bein ill i have been spending a lot of time at the hospital.Right now her kidneys are borderline and they want to put in a stunt but she is not well enough at the moment ,they were suppose to do it today but the dr did not like the way her arm looked so they are gonna try again in a few days.

It just seems like everything is rushing by these last few weeks ,they are tellin us she is terminall because of her kidneys and diabetes ,she also has severe demensia.

But i tell you seein my mother like this at 61 is scaring me so much ,you see i,m also diabetic but since i found out i have been tryin to foloow trhe diet and do what i,m suppose to do ,I started off over 350 pds and a size 32 and now i,m down to 290 and a size 22 and for me is so great .

My husband took me out on saturday nite we actually went out with a bunch of his co worker and i felt so great bein in the smaller size i looked nice and felt great and we had such a great time dancing and chatting and laughing it felt so good ,it has beeen so long since we had been out .

I told my hubby what i wanted for my birthday ,I said iw ould like to go out again and spend it with all our friends it was so great . On October 16 I'll be 38 yrs old (yes i'm getting old ,LOL.)

But i do feel better and i think i look better ,I'm hoping to someday get back to my old size before i had kids ,a size 14,, tahnks for reading ,Mary

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