Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking to trade for threads,patterns,Linen

Hi girls if anyone is looking for a pattern they might need please check my trades folder and write me ,
Iam looking to tarde for other patterns but i could really use threads from sampler,weeks,crescent,vicki clayton,carries,,I can always use linen ,my email is xlovinyou224x@yahoo.com .
Please if you do not see a pattern in my trades folder WRITEME i might not have put it in lately been so busy ,I do know i am looking for a cescent colour called balsum fur ,I am currently workin on quaker christmas and ran out so i could use it ,
Well i look forward to hearing from everyone ,Please do not hesitate to write me ,,Mary

Monday, June 22, 2009

Farther's Day

Well Farthers day was a big success in our household. We celebrated on sat insteqad ,we trook my parents and my son and his family came out for dinner .My dad was so happy that he had us all together ,he said it was the best day he had,.
We gave him a mug with pics of his gran kids all over it ,i also gave this to my huxsband but we pics of his kids and our grand child.

My daughter got dressed up ,looked so pretty trent and damian wore suits they were so adorable ,,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Blackbird Finish

I have a finish ,well actually 2 finishes by Blackbird ,the first was Rites of Spring and Emblem of Friendship. I kinda changed the colors in Emblem of Friednship ,i used Carries colors and added a extra color.
My intial on my emblem of friendship are for my sewing friends ,in my Group.
Linda.B--Beage .T--Evelyn.A--Pat .H--Pauline.B--Elaine.K--Marianne.M--Rosemary.R--Connie.S.--Mary.S

My baby boy is goin thru a big Elmo phase,you just luves elmo ,so i went out and made sheets for his bed and a pillow case and i made him a blanket s o he would have all elmo and he just luvs goin to bed ..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mary Wigham SAL

Well i finished up on pt 1 of the marywiham sal.

I just luv doing repros.

I did it with all the colors it called for and i did it on 18ct aida that i dyed myself,I did it coffe stained to give it the antique look,

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