Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Secret Stitcher Gift

Well i finished my Secret Stitcher Gift ,It took me a whole 3 hours ,I did not show the back because then it would give away who it is too ,I have put there initials on the back along with the year.I really like makin fobs they r so cute ,.I am hopin to mail it out tomorrow,Let me know what you think ,,Mary

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Small BUT good Update

Well i got my 3rd installment of From Sea To Shining Sea ,done.

I will be contacting my LNS to see if the next one will be comin in ,there are 2 installments left .I just luv this silk thred from crescent colors and they r not stingy with the thread becaus ethat thread you see if all extra .I am lovin it .It is so easy to work with it makes it so great to sew with .

Well tomorrow is monolpoly day ,but fo rthe rest of today i am goin to get some done on my Quaker christmas,,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Boink and Monopoly game board Wips

Well as you can see I did manage to get in the latest installment .I really like the way it is coming along .My color are bright and vibrant like me ,LOL,, I always did like the colors that stood out .The next installmet will be out on aFeb ,And cannot wait ,It is hard to belive we are coming to the end of this beautiful piece ,just wanted to say thanks to Tracy (inkcircles designs) for allowing us to do this design ,Mary

Well Finally a posting on my Monoply game board it has been so long sionce i have been able to work on this one.So i decided it needs to get done so I am making mondays my monoploy day and yesterday I worked on it all day.and i think i got i lot done ,I did allof page three andf start a piece of page 4.. well will post next week again on this sal ,Mary

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ABC Grand Samplar-SAL

Well i am caught up i did ,pages 1 and 2 so i,m now ready for the next part which will come out on feb 1st.

I did this on natural linen 32ct,using white and DMC-4210(varigated )

will post as new parts come out..Mary

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bent Creek-Snappers series

Well i go tthe 3rd installmet of the Bent CReek sanpper series done ,well almost i ran out of Onyx and i need more so will finish that color when i get it .

I also got the last installment for this so i am actually gonna start on it right away ,but will have to wait on the onyx color tillmy LNS is open ,she is on vacation till the 20th.

Wow i cannot belive i cannot go to the Needle shop till then ,i told my hubby that I am havin stitchers with drawal from not bein able to look around at stitching ,,LOL,, well will show finish when done with the 4th installment ,Mary

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Belated News

Hi ,Well i do have some belated news .My baby boy is now officially 1 year old .He turned one on Jan-4-2009. We had a really cute elma party. He got all kinds of toys and so many things ,Between my hubby and my parents and his big sis ter we are all spoiling him rotten.

I went and got him his first ride on toy and it is also a walkin toy too.

It seems like yesterday that he came home from the hospital and now look he is already a year old.I have been making a scarp book from the day i found out i was pregannt and i have been savin everything .I saved a piece pof teh tablecloth from his birthday table and the party hat .LOL.I know i save everything . mary

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Alla Turca ,Page 1 Finished

Finished page one tonight .i decided to use Cream nATURAL LINEN 32CT.
Cannot wait till the 2nd page comes out ,,MARY

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