Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Belated News

Hi ,Well i do have some belated news .My baby boy is now officially 1 year old .He turned one on Jan-4-2009. We had a really cute elma party. He got all kinds of toys and so many things ,Between my hubby and my parents and his big sis ter we are all spoiling him rotten.

I went and got him his first ride on toy and it is also a walkin toy too.

It seems like yesterday that he came home from the hospital and now look he is already a year old.I have been making a scarp book from the day i found out i was pregannt and i have been savin everything .I saved a piece pof teh tablecloth from his birthday table and the party hat .LOL.I know i save everything . mary


Ranae said...

What a handsome birthday boy he is.
I see in the background you stitched Happy Camper. I am getting ready to stitch it myself.

needles-and-quilter-me said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday boy! He's such a cutie too! Enjoy them while they are little!!! They grow up so fast!!

Debra said...

Happy birthday!
Debra in Indiana

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