Saturday, May 30, 2009

In a Quaker Fashion AND Love Faith AND Hope ,DONE

Well i just finished 2 ,I did the quaker Love,Faith ,hope and change it some i use ll carrie threads and thought it canme out real nice,then i did In a Quaker Fashion ,i use dmc autumn varigated and 2 carrie colors for this and i just luv it ,it makes my parlor so perfectly cannot wait to frame it and hung it up

Monday, May 25, 2009

Growth rings DONE!!!!!

Well i finished it officially last nite . I really enjoy the way it came out .I decided to do something small for right now I started on midnight stitching's quaker faith hope and love . but i,m gonna change it a bit . but will show you all when iam done ,, well Let me know what yo0u think ,I will say this thou ,Vicki Clayton silks r amazing to work with ,i am so in luv ,,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Finish and a very Overdue Report!!!!!!

Well i know what has it been like since the stone age since i ahve written right

I swear so much has been happening , the baby is so more mobile now and i am chasing him everywhere and NOW!!! He is starting to walk ,my god i,m pooped.

But he is the luv of my life .

I did finish Sea to Shining Sea and i framed it i thought it came out so pretty cannot wait to hang it .

I have also started on a new project I am doing the Growth rings by Inkcircles and I am using the Vicki Clayton silks it called for ,I am telling you these threads are amazing . I am almost done with Maw Maws quilt i am just waiting on one color i ran out then i will post my finish . Spring is here YES!!!! i LUV the spring and the Fall it is the best times because it is nice and not too hot and not too cold just right .

Tomorrow i am taking the baby to the park with his ball ,so he canget some fresh air while daddy works. well will talk again soon ,thanks for reading .

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