Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Finish and a very Overdue Report!!!!!!

Well i know what has it been like since the stone age since i ahve written right

I swear so much has been happening , the baby is so more mobile now and i am chasing him everywhere and NOW!!! He is starting to walk ,my god i,m pooped.

But he is the luv of my life .

I did finish Sea to Shining Sea and i framed it i thought it came out so pretty cannot wait to hang it .

I have also started on a new project I am doing the Growth rings by Inkcircles and I am using the Vicki Clayton silks it called for ,I am telling you these threads are amazing . I am almost done with Maw Maws quilt i am just waiting on one color i ran out then i will post my finish . Spring is here YES!!!! i LUV the spring and the Fall it is the best times because it is nice and not too hot and not too cold just right .

Tomorrow i am taking the baby to the park with his ball ,so he canget some fresh air while daddy works. well will talk again soon ,thanks for reading .


Pauline said...

Pretty! Pretty! Both Sea to Shining Sea finish & Growth Rings wip! And just think about all the fresh air and excersise Trent will get at the park, then come home take a nap so you can stitch! :)

Nancy said...

Your finish looks great framed and you've really gotten far on Growth Rings! Have fun at the park.

CindyMae said...

Sea to Shining Sea looks fantastic, you done an amazing job stitching it and framing it!! Great progress on Growth Rings!!

Kids are so cute at that age, but they do make you very tired!!

CeeJay said...

While in Las Vegas on a business trip, I finally managed to get to Stitcher's Paradise that someone had told about in one of my blogs. I went in drooling, and hoping my drool sponge behind me would catch it all! LOL I asked to see From Sea to Shining Sea, and then when she brought out al the packages, I said that I wasn't sure that was the right pattern. It didn't look right. I see now that it was the right pattern package. Somehow on the internet it just looked different. I was amazed at the cost. Times 5! I have never worked with silk before and am so afraid that my forever rough hands will constantly snag the silk.
Well, now that I see it is the same kit, I might order it from them, or order it from Stitchville, USA, which is right here in my own backyard (2 hours away) in my own dear Minnesota.
Take care, love to hear what you are up to.

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