Saturday, April 3, 2010

LHN-Land of the Free--Done

Well i have to be on a roll.Because this is my second finish this week .I finally got Land of teh FRee done by LHN. I just luv the cute little buttons it came with . I have been workinon this off and on for such a while now , but like i always say as long as i finish them what should it matter how long it takes ,now all i need is a frame for it .I am goin lata today to walmart guess i will look there first ,I am gonna hang this one in my livin room . Tomorrow is easter and gonna make a nice ham dinner , ronnie celbrated is 51st birthday today .I am currently workin on Quaker four corners, i am doin it on a tan linen ,usin a vicki clayton silk that i got in a trade one time , it is very preety i am not sure what the name of teh color is but it changes from golds to rose , i am doin the whole thing in one color . I am also workin on Autumn at hawks run hollow as a group sal . and victoria's quaker with my sewin group .. well will check in again soon,

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