Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little League

Well i have a finish ,this is for my beautiful babby boy trent daniel. I finish this one a few dasy ago but just got to publishing it ,I am just starting another one for him called You are my sunshine also by country cottage. I,m looking forward to starting on a sal called ink circles and then i,m waiting now for my pattern i won for finishing second place doin the carnartion sampler. Trent is now 8 months old ,well he willbe on the 4th of september. He is the greatest gift ever he is sich a joy ,when ever i start something for him i just fly threw it Little league finished in onlt 2 days ,, well will post again soon ,mary

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Daughter

Well my daughter told me she is movin out ,She is 18 but my god it hit me like a sledge hammer to the chest i could not belive it i just wanna keep her home where i know she is eating right and takin care of herself ,i luv havin her at home .I am gonna miss her i know she will be livin near but it is not the same as her always bein here ,When they say your children need to go out onthere own , well i wish she would just stay but i told her i would not cry (well i willtry not too)and help her to mnove ,My baby is leavin home and i,m so sad because i,m so use to just listening and i could always here her computer ,it would make this neat sound every time she gets an message on her comp or her playin her music ,, and my god even thou it stinks i still listen ,, but she is grwoin up i wish i could shrink her bacl to 3 she is my baby ..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Sewing Group

Well you know i finally found where i belong i found a group of really great ladies and we all do are sewing together and sometimes we have outing ,we spent and afternoon at mariannes and then we all went to bea's . they r such great girls .I f great to finally have a groupa nd friends where theey all understand an enjoy sewing as much as me ,,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carnation Sampler Complete

Well i started this project on my yahoo groups called Wienburg Samplers. This is so beautiful we were told that for every piece we finished take a pic and they would send the next one ,and the first three to finish would get to pick a pattern from there site which is called. Stickideen von der Weihenburg.and well i was the second person to finish i think i whole time was like 3weeks from start to finish. But you know if was such a great piece you could not stop, and for my prise i picked quaker 2 klien.

.........................................................QUAKER 2 KLIEN........................

Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 1 my first entry

Well here i go ,my name is mary and i,m married been married for 21 years i have thre really great kids ,michael who is now 21 and has a baby of his own on the way ,a boy!!. Then there is my daughter he name is catherine and she is 18 and well she is my hell cat ,don't get me wrong she can be a nice girl but when she gets mad look out <(psst,, reminds me of me ,,lol) then the last and greastest of all is my gift ,my baby boy trent he is 7 months old and he is the luv of my life .he is such a good baby .But i will start posting my sewing wips soon ,I'm currently workin on , Roses in the mist by mirabilia and i,m also doin Sampler game board by drawn thread and also the shore of hawkes run hollow by carriage house . as soon as i get these done or at least one i would luv to start either impressions or anagram diffusion ,well i'll be back later ,mary

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