Monday, August 11, 2008

My Daughter

Well my daughter told me she is movin out ,She is 18 but my god it hit me like a sledge hammer to the chest i could not belive it i just wanna keep her home where i know she is eating right and takin care of herself ,i luv havin her at home .I am gonna miss her i know she will be livin near but it is not the same as her always bein here ,When they say your children need to go out onthere own , well i wish she would just stay but i told her i would not cry (well i willtry not too)and help her to mnove ,My baby is leavin home and i,m so sad because i,m so use to just listening and i could always here her computer ,it would make this neat sound every time she gets an message on her comp or her playin her music ,, and my god even thou it stinks i still listen ,, but she is grwoin up i wish i could shrink her bacl to 3 she is my baby ..

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