Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quaker Christmas

Well here is what i have done so far.I have not finished the whole page one yte .I need to go back to my LNS and get more balsum fir ,she only had 3 skeins the day i went so i have 1 left and then i,m out.

But all in all i think it is coming along nice ,I just luv this color very pretty.

Well when i run out i will get to my installment i have for From Sea to Shining Sea,then will get to the installment for the bent creek i,m workin on,then get to my installment on myBoink.

WOW i,m tired just from writing it ,,LOL,,

But i do enjoy it all .I luv it when it comes in parts it fun to do one then wait for the next. I will try and get some more down on my monopoly game board have not had a chance to owrk on it lately .

Hope everyone is havin a great holiday so far ,we are getting ready for christmas gonna go by a tree tomorrow ,i cannot wait to see Trents face when we put all the lights on it .

This is very exciting for us with it being his first christmas we want to make it very special. but will chat soon ,thanks for Peeking ,Mary

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone again. I really love the Hloidays but al that cookin i,m so tired now !! But tired ina good way . Trent had his first Thanksgiving dinner ,we let him feed himself and did he make a big mess but he also enjoyed himself,he was so cute he got to see and touch the turkey and he just laughed at it ,well I,m workin on my quaker christmas will be getting to my next installment of Sea to Shining Sea soon,and then to the next installment of bent creek. life has been a little hectic but not so much that i cannot squeeze a little sewing time in ,Happy Holidays to Everyone .. Mary

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From Sea to Shining Sea,,

Well here it is .I finsh up the frame piece and the first part of the pattern from Little House. From Sea to Shining Sea.

I actually finished on it today while the baby was takin his nap . I cannot wait for the next part to come out ,I did use only 1 strandof thread and it covers beautifully.

I was able to get a small start on my new pattern Quaker Christmas and as i get some done i will post.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well it was Trents first Halloween . Well even thou we did not take him out trick or treating he did enjoy wearing his costume all day . He was the cutest puppy dog. I took so many pics .I am just tryin to make sure i remember everything with him .

After we piked up daddy from work we took him over to memays and pepays and he had his first chocolate bar and boy did he wear his food ,but yes he did enjoy it so much.

I am currently finishing up my newest SAL which is From Sea To Shining Sea ,by Little House . I just Love the Sampler Silk Threads this project came with . I will post my pic in just a few short days and as for anyone who would like to know ,I decided that i would use the one strand like the Little House directions called for on 32ct and it looks great!!!

Well hopefully tomorrow or the next will post a pic of it ,ok .Then i will get the newest installment from my Boink done ,and then i will start up on something new . cannot wait ,,mary

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