Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Boink and Monopoly game board Wips

Well as you can see I did manage to get in the latest installment .I really like the way it is coming along .My color are bright and vibrant like me ,LOL,, I always did like the colors that stood out .The next installmet will be out on aFeb ,And cannot wait ,It is hard to belive we are coming to the end of this beautiful piece ,just wanted to say thanks to Tracy (inkcircles designs) for allowing us to do this design ,Mary

Well Finally a posting on my Monoply game board it has been so long sionce i have been able to work on this one.So i decided it needs to get done so I am making mondays my monoploy day and yesterday I worked on it all day.and i think i got i lot done ,I did allof page three andf start a piece of page 4.. well will post next week again on this sal ,Mary


Terri said...

looks fantastic Mary

needles-and-quilter-me said...

Your BOINK looks great! I am so far behind as too many conflicts these last months so not much stitching. Great Job!

Miss 376 said...

Looks absolutely stunning, will be fantastic complete

nutmegg said...

Love the colors....well done,can't wait to see it finished.

Linda in MA said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished.

Mary said...

Very nice! BoInk is almost done!!! I'm also enjoying watching the Monolopy board being contructed...lol.
Happy Stitching!

Debra said...

Nice progress
Debra in Indiana

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