Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Little Of A Change

Well this weekend was suppose to be spent working on my Monopoly Game Board .But well i found this really cute sweater pattern to knit and i had to start it for the baby .

I did do a little of monopoly but did not get to take a pic ,i did also work on Beneath The Sunlit Sky by Blackbird,and i,m almost done but ran out of 2 colors so i cannot finish till i get to the store.

Well it is official ,as of Thursday I will be 38 ,Yes it is my Birthday and on the 23rd my son will be 22,

I am telling you it seems like yesterday that i was only 16 and life seem to just drag on ,now Look.

But no matter what has happened in my life i do not regret having any of my beautiful kids ,they r my everything .

My oldest Michael,and then my daughter Catherine ,and as you all Know my Trent who is now 9 months old. He has 3 teeth now and is growing to quick ,before long it will be like it was all a dream and he will be grown ,,

Well hopefully i will get a day or 2 this week and work on monopoly to make up for this weekend and then i will post a pic ,Mary

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