Saturday, September 27, 2008

All caught up on My Boink!!!!

Well I decided since i had no time really over the weekend i would just work on it this week.Well i am all caught up now all i have to do is wait for the rest of the parts to be released and do them as they come.I think my choices choices look pretty so vibrant ,Bright and very colorful. will try and get some time in on my Monopoly game board now ..
P.s. I thought i would come back today and include one more subject. Although i do luv the Boink pattern .I was quite surprise today when i went post to the group of my progress ,they will not let me post they do not think that my typing and writing skills are good enough so they blocked me from writing any posts .I cannot even answer an email from the group. They did not even tell me they were gonna do this to me .I do not think this was right ,yes i know sometimes i mess up but you know what i have a baby on my lap most of the time and well to be honest i don,t have a lot of education i dropped out at 10Th grade but i should not be penalize for that .I thought i was kind and considerate and when they asked me to please try i did ,and well they still denied me the privilege of posting .. Mary


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

It's looking amazing, I do really like the colors you are using. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

Lee-Ann said...

it looks great, and sorry you have been "banned" from posting ...what a stupid thing to do ...what they never make a mistake ???

I wouldn't care how many mistakes you make, what sort of group is this ??

just keep stitching and keep posting here.


yardsailor said...

Hi Mary, your work is stunning, wish I was that far along with my Boink. I was surprised at your later post about being banned from posting on the BOINK group. I have never heard of any yahoo group doing that, I could see it if you had used foul language or were rude about something, but to be banned for grammer and spelling, that left a bad taste in my mouth. I know I won't enjoy reading the posts as much, and I am sorry if you were offended. I find people do and say things on the internet that they would never say to your face.

needles-and-quilter-me said...

It's too bad things are going the way they are for you as far as the "group" is concerned. I enjoy reading your blog on your own page and have added you to my favorites. I think your needlework projects are GREAT and you do very nice work on them...Thanks for sharing them with us all! Lynn S.

Cait said...

What is a "Boink"?
The stitching you are showing on your blog is amazing.
Is that the Boink?
I cannot believe a group would do that to you. I have seen much worse sentence structure, spelling or whatever was their problem on other groups. One of which is the moderator, for heaven's sake!
What group would do that? The host provider should be informed. I am so sorry they did that to you.
In my book you are a 'Queen', especially with a baby in your lap. My youngest is 42, and I would give anything to have a 'little one' in my lap again.
All my love and huggs, Cait

Wolfie said...

Banning you from posting is just ridiculus...who cares what kind of education you have, as long as you love your cross stitch as much as the rest of us...Not everyone does perfect english anyway no matter if it is their mother tongue or not! I am from Sweden, living in the UK and as a medical secretary I get asked grammar and spelling questions from my British kinda makes me laugh:)
You just keep stitching and don't worry about them - I know we love you and your stitching no matter what:) X Ylva (Monopoly SAL & CCS)

Bliss said...

I'm glad you have continued posting here the stuff you would also like to share with the BOINK group. You are doing a wonderful job both with your blog and the stitching. Keep you chin up!

BagsByMelanie said...

Mary, your BoInk is beautiful!

I am using the Carries threads on mine, mostly because I didn't want to have to make a decision on what colors would look best, I took someone else's word for it, LOL

Ceejay said...

Hi Mary,
Just thought I would check in and see how you were coming along.
May I ask you a question on your Boink? Is there a certain pattern that you are using that would be for sale. I would love to do that tapestry. I cannot tell you how beautiful your color choices are. Is there a way I can find that pattern?
Thank you my sweet lady,
Love and huggs, Cait

roxystschotchias said...

Oh Ms Mary, I just had to add your blog to my "favorites". Your work is great and I love following along in your progress. Stitch on, Sister! Roxanne

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