Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks to all

I just wanted to post today to say thanks to all my friends on my blog today ,for thinking of me and all your kind words .

Today is somewhat better.I was able to do all the arrangments yesterday ,my aunts did not want a wake or nothing ,and since my Mom only had so much for funeral cost .I decided i would have her cremated and once she comes backt o me.I decided that i was have a small memorial at my hopme and invite my brothers and sister ,and my dad over and we could do something and just leave my aunts to wallow in there misery and hate alone .

I have decided that i did what i thought was best and that she went with diginity and without pain ,she went in peace ,and now she is with god and that is all that matters ,I hope she finds the peace she deserves in heaven ,god rest her soul R.I.P TO Alice Mary Robidoux,4/17/47 to 12/16/08,, I love you Momma ,,Mary
P.S.the pic is from left to right ,My brother john,anthony ,alisha ( the middle) me at the end ,,mary..

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