Friday, February 13, 2009

A Finish for 2009

Well this is my finish ,I got all of The Bent Creek snapper series done it is so cute .I will be hanging it in my sons room .

All i need to do now is frame it ,i willbe goin out tomorrow to look for a frame .

I got a lot done on my Blackbird ,Where my heart blooms i am hopin to have it done this weekend . My baby boy is growin so fast ,, he is 13 months old and i swear i keep tellin him to stop ,but he does not seem to listen .H is holding his baby elmo ..

Well my stitcher friend received her gift so i can reveal who i sent it too was Pauline ,just for being such a good friend.She also poste don her Blog,


Milly~ said...

Nice finish Mary. Your son is so adorable.

Laura said...

The Bent Creek Snapperbet is a very cute finish! Congratulations! It will be perfect for your son's room.

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