Friday, February 6, 2009

My Newest Stash!!!!!

My Hubby and me toka ride to my LNS,and well he bought me several items .I am very happy with .I gotthe next Installment in From Sea to Shining Sea,also the newset LHN-SOMETHING OLS SOMETHING NEW,AND I GOT LIBERTY ,i also got boston harbour ,i got the cloth to go with each piece,i just love the examplar fabric that goes with boston harbour. I got this pattern Maw Maws quilt ,and well instead of using the silks it calls for i decided to go with carries threads look at the beautiful colors .

This is my latest start ,where my heart blooms ,i think i got a pretty good start goin.I think the biggest part of this pattern is the house once that is done this pattern will fly ,, cannot wait because as you can tell i have so many goodies to get at !!! well offi go ,,mary


Marian said...

First time I've visited your blog. You do absolutely beautiful work.

Christine said...

Just found your blog. You have some lovely WIPs, I specially like the ABC sampler.
Great stash too

Wendy said...

Lovely new stash, Mary! I love your progress on the Blackbird Design piece - beautiful work :-D

Debra said...

Great stash and the threads are beautiful. Nice progress too.
Debra in Indiana

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